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Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda published

The Bioeconomy Strategic Working Group (BSW), together with the Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE), has prepared a Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (SKIA) for the bioeconomy. The document gives a view of the BSW where to put efforts in the EU research and innovation agenda, notably “Horizon Europe” and the revised European Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan. In the SKIA, the vision approach has been chosen instead of the mission approach that has been recently promoted for the next Framework Programme. The central vision is “Achieving an inclusive and sustainable Bioeconomy for Europe”. This vision is broken down into three goals for the bioeconomy:

1. an up to date monitoring, assessment, foresight on bioresources, impacts and resource flows;
2. moving towards a demand driven sustainable bioeconomy; and
3.systemic solutions for a more bio-based circular economy and more circular bioeconomy.

The SKIA describes three corresponding and interconnected sets of research topics and actions, as well as tools and measures to support the growth of the bioeconomy and to achieve these goals: knowledge and information needed for the bioeconomy from a systemic change perspective; future development paths of the bioeconomy; and social and technical solutions the bioeconomy can offer now and in the future.




BSW Policy Brief Document

The BSW discussed at its Meeting in Paris on 23 and 24 February 2017 the Member States' and Associated Countries' needs regarding the current refresh and potential future revision of the EU Commission's Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan. The members of the BSW highlighted the need for a full revision of the Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan and gave concrete recommendations for the future development of the EU bioeconomy. The conclusions of the BSW and its recommendations are detailed in a Policy Brief document which was discussed at the SCAR Plenary meeting on 21 June 2017. The Policy Brief represents the views of the members of the BSW.




Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015

The Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015 will take place in Berlin, Berlin Conference Centre Alexanderplatz, November 25th to 26th, 2015. Optional side events are planned to take place on November 24th and 27th. For more information, please refer to




Final report on the joint SCAR SWG SBGB and DG-JRC Bioeconomy Member States survey

In 2013, SCAR and DG-JRC decided to join forces in the development of a survey to collect essential data on national Bioeconomy policies, legal status of Bioeconomy development and national as well as regional/cluster R&D initiatives and public R&D funding. Together, DG-JRC and SCAR could provide a broad link to existing policies as well as R&D practices in the field of both classical and emerging Bioeconomy sectorial developments.

The SWG piloted a survey together with the JRC in the context of setting up the Bioeconomy Observatory of the EU Commission. A SCAR member list has been used to identify national contact points in 28 European nations including all EU Member States. Based on the answers received from 21 surveys, a final report has been prepared on the information on the bioeconomy at the levels of individual Member States, with a particular focus on national research activities and policy initiatives for the bioeconomy.




Bioeconomy Stakeholders Conference in Turin

The next Bioeconomy Stakeholder Conference will be held under Italian presidency in Turin from October 8 to October 10. The SBGB will strive to organise a side-event on its activities. More information will follow soon.




Meeting of the CWG Integrated Biorefineries in Wageningen

The Collaborative Working Group Integrated Biorefineries under SCAR deals with research, demonstration and skills aspects focussed on integrated biorefineries. Current activities are dealing with the preparation of a European mapping of biorefineries and the assessment of possible joint activities between MS/AC. SWG SBGB and CWG IB work closely together to make best use of the knowledge and the results of the groups. The meeting on 17 and 18 September will bring the discussion on future activities forward and also feature an excursion.




Presentation of the Innovation Investment Package, including the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking in Brussels

On the 9th of July the EU Commission will present activities under the Innovation Investment Package that will foster jobs and growth in Europe. One activity under the IIP is the Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) formed by the Bio-Based Industry Consortium (BIC) and the European Commission. More information can be found under:




Meeting of the SWG in The Hague

During the meeting on June 12 and 13, the SWG members will collect the barriers for the implementation of the Bioeconomy and dicuss aspects of sustainability. There will be presentations on country profiles from Denmark, Italy and the Netherlands and a short presentation on a Turkish report. Other items on the agenda are the ongoing actions on the joined survey with the BISO project (JRC Bioeconomy Observatory), the website, connecting to stakeholders etc.
Additionally, an interesting excursion to a glasshouse with additional non food production is planned.